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User Terms and Conditions

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Chapter 1: General Provisions Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this terms and conditions is to stipulate basic matters concerning the service conditions, procedures and right/obligation and responsibilities of the members and Korea Information certificate Co.(hereinafter referred to as "Korea Information Certificate”) through the internet homepage (hereinafter referred to as " homepage”)

Article 2 (Definitions)

The terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

  • ① "Web server certificate" refers to a communication channel that provides security functions when exchanging information such as electronic commerce and personal information using the Internet by adding authentication to the web server and supporting strong security functions.
  • ② "Registrant" means a person who has applied for a Web Server Certificate to Korea Information Certificate (including agencies, organizations, and agents) pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.
  • ③ "Member" means a person who has registered as a member by providing personal information to Korea Information Authentication and includes the registered person.
  • ④ "Service" means the web server authentication service and all other services provided by the Korea Information Authentication Service through the homepage.
Article 3 (Specification and Amendment of Terms)
  • ① These Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon notice on the homepage.
  • ② The contents of this agreement, the name of the business office, the name of the representative, the business registration number, and contact information are posted on the homepage so that the user can know.
  • ③ Korea Information Certificate may revise these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as the Act on Regulation of Terms, Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce etc. , And the revised terms and conditions will become effective upon notice on the website.
  • ④ When the Korea Information Certificate revises these Terms and Conditions, it will be announced on the website from 7 days before the effective date.
  • ⑤ In the case of revising this Agreement, the revised Terms and Conditions shall apply only to those contracts that are concluded after the effective date, and the provisions of the pre-revision terms shall be applied to the contracts that have already been concluded before that date. However, if the user who has already entered into the agreement sends the information to the Korea Information Certificate within the notice period of the preceding paragraph that the user wants to be subject to the provisions of the revised Terms and Conditions, and the Korean Information Authentication is approved, the revised terms and conditions shall apply.
  • ⑥ The matters not defined in these Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations.
Article 4 (Suspension of service)
  • ① Korea Information Certificate Service may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance / replacement / breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, or breakdown of communication, etc. When service suspends, Korea Information Certificate notices on homepage.
  • ② In the event that there is a possibility of occurrence or occurrence of a national emergency in the case of exhibits, affairs, natural disasters or the like, or if there is any other force majeure such as the telecommunication service provider terminating the telecommunication service by the Telecommunications Business Act, Korea Information Certificate may discontinue all or part of the Services.
Article 5 (Membership)
  • ① Anyone who wishes to become a member (including agnecies, organizations, and agents) will apply for membership by filling out the membership information in accordance with the registration form set forth by the Korea Information Certificate, and expressing his intention to agree to these terms and conditions. At this time, Korea Information Certificate is regarded as having member understood the contents of the Terms.
  • ② Those who want to apply for a web server certificate (including agencies, organizations, and agents) must fill out the "Web Server Certificate Application Form” provided on the homepage after subscribing and submit it through the Internet.
  • ③ The Korea Information Certificate Service will be registered as a member unless it falls under any of the following categories.
    • 1. If the Registrant does not agree with these Terms and Conditions
    • 2. If the applicant has lost his / her membership (unless he / she has passed three years since his / her disqualification and has obtained the approval of membership reauthorization of Korea Information Certificate)
    • 3. If there is false information, omissions, misdescription
    • 4. If it is judged that the registration of a member is significantly impeding the technology of Korea information Certificate
    • 5. Other cases where it is deemed necessary to certify by Korean information Certificate
Article 6 (Change of Information)

Members shall immediately correct any changes to their membership information, and members shall be solely responsible for any problems that arise from failure to correct them.

Article 7 (withdrawal of membership and loss of qualification)
  • ① A member may request withdrawal at any time from Korea Information Certificate Service, in which case the Korea Information Certificate will withdraw immediately.
  • ② Korea Information Certificate may restrict or suspend membership if the member falls under the following grounds.
    • 1. If you registered false information at the time of application
    • 2. If you do not pay the commodity / service purchased through the homepage, or other obligations of the member on due date
    • 3. Threatening the electronic transaction order, such as interfering with the use of the service by another person's information or stealing the information.
    • 4. When using the service of Korea information Certificate to act contrary to laws and regulations and public order prohibition of this agreement
  • ③ If the same action is repeated twice or more within 30 days after the Korean information certificate is restricted / suspended, the member may be lost his/her membership.
  • ④ In case of loss of qualification, Korea Information Certificate will revoke membership and notify it.
Article 8 (Notice to Members)
  • ① When Korea Information Certificate notifies the member, the e-mail address submitted by the member to Korea Information Certificate can be used.
  • ② In case of notification of unspecified number of members, Korea Information Certificate can be replaced by individual notice by posting on the website of Korea Information Certificate for more than 7 days.
Chapter 2 Web Server Authentication Service Article 9 (Web Server Certificate Application)

The registrant must obtain a web server certificate within 30 days from the date of application.

Article 10 (Web server certificate application (restriction of issuance)

Korean Information Certificate restricts the application and issuance of web server certificates in the following cases.

  • 1. Falsification of fact and attachment of false documents
  • 2. Web server certificate fee is not paid
  • 3. If it is difficult to issue due to reasons attributable to registrant
Article 11 (Web Server Certificate Product Type and Charge)
  • ① The types and fees of web server certificates provided by Korea Information Certificate will be posted on the homepage.
  • ② In principle, you may prepay the fee of the web server certificate.
Article 12 (Other Fee and Policy Changes)
  • ① Korea Information Certificate provides authentication services such as new issuance and renewal issuance, and fees can be separately charged.
  • ② If the policy of Korea Information Certificate is changed such as the fare, it will be announced on the homepage from 7 days before the enforcement.
Article 13 (Refund)

If the registrant requests a refund, Korea Information Certificate will proceed with the refund process according to the procedure written on the homepage. However, refunds can only be made within 30 days after registration and refunds will be made only after deducting the necessary expenses.

Chapter 3 Obligations of the Parties Article 14 (Privacy Protection)
  • ① When Korea Information Certificate collect personal information, we will receive the member’s consent. However, except for the following cases:
    • 1. When necessary for the fulfillment of the service contract
    • 2. When necessary for the settlement of fees according to the provision of services
    • 3. If there are special regulations in other related laws
  • ② Provided personal information can not be used for another purposes or provide to third parties without the consent of the member. However, with the exception of the following cases.
    • 1. When necessary for the settlement of fees due to the provision of services
    • 2. Providing specific individuals in an unidentifiable form for statistical writing, academic research or market research.
    • 3. If there is a criminal investigation purpose or a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee
    • 4. If there are special regulations in other related laws
Article 15 (Obligation of Korean Information Certificate)
  • ① Korea Information Certificate does not violate relevant laws and regulations, acts that are prohibited by this Agreement, and acts against public order, and does its best to provide continuous and stable service as stipulated by this Agreement.
  • ② Korea Information Certificate has a security system to protect members' personal information so that members can use the service safely.
  • ③ Korea Information Certificate does not send e-mail for commercial purposes that the member does not want.
Article 16 (Obligation of member)
  • ① Members shall not do in any of the following acts when using the service through the homepage.
    • 1. Misuse of other member's ID
    • 2. Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information specified by Korea Information Certificate
    • 3. Use the information obtained through the homepage to reproduce, change, publish, broadcast or otherwise provide it to others without prior consent of Korea Information Certificate.
    • 4. Infringement of Korea Information Certificate’s right or other rights of third parties, copyrights of others, etc.
    • 5. Acts that infringe on the reputation of Korea Information Certificate / third party or obstruct the work of Korea Information Certificate / third party.
    • 6. An act to disclose, post or disseminate information such as content information, sentences, figures, etc. that is contrary to obscenity or violent message/picture/voice or other forms on the website.
    • 7. Acts that are objectively judged to be connected with crime.
    • 8. Acts that violate other related laws and regulations
  • ② Members shall comply with related laws and regulations, matters stipulated in these Terms of Use, and instructions on service use, notices posted on the website.
Article 17 (Obligation to Members' ID and Password)
  • ① Member is responsible for managing the ID and password of the member.
  • ② Members shall not allow their ID and password to be used by a third party.
  • ③ If a member recognizes that his / her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he / she should immediately notify Korea Information Certificate and follow the instructions of Korea Information Certificate..
Chapter 4 Others Article 18 (Restrictions on Use and Ownership of Copyright)

The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the work belong to the Korea Information Certificate.

Article 19 (Liability and Limitation of Indemnity)
  • ① Korea Information Certificate shall compensate for any damages incurred by the Member in connection with the provision of this Service up to the amount of 20 million won in compensation for the ordinary damages for which the cause of the Korea Information Certificate is recognized.
  • ② Members are responsible for all costs and damages incurred in case of failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions and any problems caused by intention or negligence of the member.
Article 20 (Disclaimer)
  • ① Korea Information Certificate shall not be liable for damages caused by the following matters.
    • 1. Damage arising out of services provided free of charge
    • 2. Damage caused by wars, affairs, natural disasters, or equivalent force majeure
    • 3. Damage caused by service malfunction or membership data damage caused by intention or negligence of the member
    • 4. Damages arising from the materials posted or transmitted by members
    • 5. Damage arising from mutual or mutual transaction between the member and the third party (including the case of mediating this service)
    • 6. Losses incurrde by menber’s breaches
    • 7. Damage incurred without attribution of Korean information certificate
  • ② In case of connecting to the homepage through hyperlink method, Korea Information Certificate does not take any responsibility for the transactions performed with the member or the third party by the goods service provided independently by the connection mall. Therefore, Korea Information Certificate is not responsible for any problems arising from this.
Article 21 (Trial Jurisdiction)

Any dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court.

[Supplementary Provisions]

(Enforcement Date) These Terms and Conditions shall be enforced on January 18, 2019.
(Amendment Date) These amended Terms and Conditions shall be enforced on January 18, 2019.

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